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Filter Press 200 Machine Manufactured by Safi Sazan Safa Company

Filter press 200 machine is categorized in industrial machines group. Filter press 200 is generally used in industrial applications with very big scale and filtration lines of very high production capacity and cake volume.

Picture of Filter Press 200 Machine manufactured by Safi Sazan Safa Company
Picture of Filter Press 200 Machine manufactured by Safi Sazan Safa Company

Filter Press 200 Machine Manufacturing Technology

Plates 200 manufacturing technology of PP material in Iran is invented by Safi Sazan Safa Company. Hence these plates are manufactured exclusively in Safi Sazan Safa Company. This model can be used in all fields of filtrations such as food, pharmaceutical, mining, water and waste water treatment, sugar, gold, silver, zinc, chemical, etc. industries.

Pressuring system of this machine is electrical-hydraulic and its bases are fixed. This model can be used with open/closed loop plates and max. filtration area is 700 M2 with cake volume of 13700 lit. in every cycle.

Chassis of this model considering its big dimensions and heaviness and also for avoiding some problems such as curving of the arms, etc. has been made as net and of carbon steel with two layers epoxy coating resistant to acid and corrosive environments.

Filter Press 200 Machine Accessories

Meanwhile options such as draining pond, filter press cloth, cloth washing system, lander, drop collecting tray, cover, piping, slurry pump (solution charge), platform, etc. are available for this model and can be installed upon customer request.

Filter Press 200 Machine PLC System

In complete automatic system (PLC), opening and closing of jack, loading and movement of filter plates, and cake discharging are automatic without operator involvement. Automatic system of filter press machines is manufactured in two types as automatic robot and automatic jack.

Picture of Filter Press 200 Machine دستگاه فیلتر پرس200 - صافی سازان صفاby Safi Sazan Safa Company