Zanjan - Navavaran industrial town

Tehran tower

To give a summary of the operation of the filter press system, the operation can be divided into the following four steps:

The plates are pressed by the hydraulic jack. In general, filter presses are composed of a number of moving and fixed plates. To create pressure for the dewatering operation, a moving plate is placed between each fixed plate. Movable (non-fixed) plates are connected to the hydraulic jack, and with the help of this jack, they lead to the compression of the plates. The wastewater containing suspended particles enters the plates with pressure and the suspended particles in it are separated from the plates. Then, the remaining liquid from which the suspended particles are removed is directed out. After the cake is formed, the flow of liquid is stopped. Then the plates are opened by the hydraulic jack and the solid material is discharged. In the last step, the plates are closed again by the hydraulic jack. By repeating this cycle, the process continues several times. Safi sazan safa press filter is sent to the industries and businesses around Tehran tower.

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Safi Sazan Safa Company started its activity in the field of production of filter press plates in No Avran Industrial Town located in Zanjan city in 2002. Benefiting from the world’s latest technology and relying on its exclusive scientific and practical power, Safi Sazan Safa Company is ready to provide all kinds of filter press machines, filter press cloth, pumps, filter press plates and filter press accessories.

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