Zanjan - Navavaran industrial town

Petrochemical Jam

A filter press is a common solid-liquid separation device. It was used in the production of chemicals at the beginning of the 18th century and is still widely used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, paint, food and environmental protection industries.

The plates covered with filter press fabric are compressed with the help of manual or hydraulic power and the separation operation is carried out with high efficiency. The force required to compress the plates in the filter press machine with hydraulic force is supplied by a hydraulic jack. Hydraulic jacks have different sizes and dimensions according to the number of plates and the size of the device. Safa press filter is sent to Petrochemical Jam.

Running time :

30 Days



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Safi Sazan Safa Company started its activity in the field of production of filter press plates in No Avran Industrial Town located in Zanjan city in 2002. Benefiting from the world’s latest technology and relying on its exclusive scientific and practical power, Safi Sazan Safa Company is ready to provide all kinds of filter press machines, filter press cloth, pumps, filter press plates and filter press accessories.

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