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Design and manufacturer of filter press and exporter of filter press and filter press equipment…

Safi Sazan Safa Company started its activity in the field of production of filter press plates in 2002 in No Avaran industrial town located in Zanjan city and has produced filter press plates by two methods of extrusion in shell mold and extrusion method in forge mold. . This company has the ability to produce plates from 200 mm to 2000 mm in size. The mentioned sizes are produced and supplied in open and closed circuit, membrane, frame and plate models.

Following the production of filter press plates, this company has started to produce filter press devices in manual, electric, hydraulic and fully automatic types with PLC system and Hmi display.

During its lifetime, this company has more than 1000 customers from various industries such as sugar refining and sugaring, mining industries such as gold, silver, copper, lead, etc. and food industries such as: malt production lines, honey refining, gluten, juice Dates, pharmaceutical industries – water and sewage – tile and ceramic – stone cutting factories and oil and gas industries and oil wells and other industries have cooperated and by providing high quality services and products in line with the goals and demands of customers, satisfaction Kamel has attracted his customers.

The following companies can be mentioned among the big and reliable companies of the contract party with whom we have had a history of cooperation:

Khales Sazan zinc bullion production company, Zarshoran gold company, Mihan zinc bullion, Gadaz zinc, Esfahan Mobarake Steel Co.

In addition to the domestic market, this company has cooperated with companies in the region such as: Azerbaijan – Turkey – Kazakhstan – Uzbekistan – Afghanistan and Iraq and provided them with the devices they needed.

The land of the company is 32,000 square meters and its roof area is about 14,000 square meters. The number of employees in this company is 80 people and the hardware facilities of the company for the production of filter press machines include: turning machine, center milling machine, CNC gate milling machine, laser weaving and cutting machine and sewing filter press fabric, press machine, extruding machine and crane. Ceiling, CNC air cutting machine, guillotine machine, drill and forklift.

In total, this company supplies about 60-70% of the filter press in the Iranian market.

Safi Sazan Safa knowledge-based company is the holder of ISO9001 (quality management) and ISO10002 (customer satisfaction) certificates, and this company has also been awarded the title of industrial sample unit of the province in 1401 and 1397.

Safi Sazan Safa Company, with nearly two decades of brilliant experience in the production of filter press machines and filter press plates, is proud to rely on technical knowledge and an experienced scientific and technical team, and by using equipped devices and exclusive production methods registered under no. 82314 and 73024 have provided quality products and reliable after-sales services for their customers, and have attracted the satisfaction of many industrial units.

صافی سازان صفا تولید کننده فیلترپرس

Our pride is to satisfy our customers

With years of experience, in carrying out filtration projects and designing and manufacturing customized filter press according to customers’ criteria; We have reached the skill.

Customer Satisfaction
Satisfaction 98%
amount of criticism 8%
Projects completely without any flaws
Web designer 100%

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